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About Us

About SPX Flow Technology

SPX Flow Technology designs, manufactures and markets engineered solutions and products used to process, blend, meter and transport fluids in addition to air and gas filtration and dehydration. Recognized for its leading brands and turnkey systems capability, SPX Flow Technology has global operations which serve the Food & Beverage, Power & Energy and Industrial markets.

Read more about SPX Flow Technology’s capabilities here.

SPX Flow Technology is part of SPX Corporation

SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) is a Fortune 500 multi-industry manufacturing leader that provides its customers with highly-specialized, engineered solutions to solve critical business issues. 
SPX products and technologies play an important role in the expansion of global infrastructure to help meet increased demand for power and energy and support many different sources of power generation, including coal and natural gas, nuclear, solar and geothermal. The company’s innovative product portfolio, containing many energy efficient products, includes cooling systems for power plants throughout the world; highly advanced food processing components and turnkey, scalable systems serving the global food and beverage industry; process equipment that assists a variety of flow processes including oil and gas exploration, distribution and refinement and power generation; handheld diagnostic tools that aid in vehicle maintenance and repair; and power transformers that allow utility companies to regulate electric voltage, transmission and distribution. 

APV Products

Engineering excellence, allied to stringent quality control, ensures that SPX’s unrivalled range of APV products complies with the highest international standards for hygiene. In the light of growing pressure worldwide to deliver safe, high quality food, all SPX products are designed for easy cleanability, whilst minimizing the use of valuable resources, such as energy. The APV product portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers and homogenizes designed for use in the food, dairy and brewing industries, as well as in chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical processing and heavy industries.

Heat Exchangers Homogenizers
Valves Pumps

APV Pump

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Designs:

Typical Industries Include:

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

APV standard ‘P’ types offer AISI 316 stainless steel plates and connections with copper brazing. The units are rated for 450 psig/31 bar operating pressure with a maximum temperature of 437°F/225°C. P series are typically installed with a Y-strainer to protect the unit from debris, while custom insulation kits minimize ambient losses.

A principal system design includes a primary heat source (i.e. boiler) and a secondary loop such as snowmelt or radiant circuit. Sanitary instant hot water can also be produced from this system with the use of appropriate controls. Due to the low internal volume of the brazed exchanger, instant hot water is possible in many cases eliminating the need for thermal storage tanks.

Inherent of their turbulent flow, brazed plate heat exchangers resist particulate fouling and scaling. Units can be cleaned using a phosphoric or citrus acid solution circulated in reverse at 1.5 times the normal fluid flow rate. Replacing bulky shell and tube, coiled, coaxial and other less efficient heat exchangers, brazed plates have allowed system designers not only to think outside the box, but also to make the box smaller – pushing the boundaries of system design

Fully Welded Heat Exchanger

APV Hybrid fully welded heat Exchanger

… Hybrid is for you!

Based on a multi-flexible confi guration platform, Hybrid is designed to operate under harsh conditions where other heat exchanger technologies can fail, have a shorter operating lifetime, or reduce operational efficiency.
What’s more, easy access makes high-pressure cleaning of Hybrid plates simple, effective and fast!

Unseen flexibility based on a range of standard variants, to meet all your needs

  • We will always find the perfect solution
  • Perfect adaptability for almost any application
  • Full utilisation of pressure drop to maximise thermal efficiency
  • Close temperature approach down to 1°C possible
  • Low pressure drop possible – even at high mass flows – even for gas/steam
  • Perfect for condensation and evaporation (including vacuum condensation)
  • Large connection sizes possible
  • Non-symmetric flows handled, even with perfect pressure drop utilisation

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

The APV scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE) consist of a jacketed cylinder with a rotating dasher holding rows of scraper blades. The product is pumped through the cylinder while the heating or cooling medium is circulated between the cylinder and the jacket. The medium can be steam, water or a refrigerant such as ammonia or freon.

Product Range

No matter what specific operational requirements a customer has, SPX can match them to a scraped surface heat exchanger. A large number of options are available so that each machine can be carefully tailored to the application. This array of alternatives includes:

  • Traditional horizontal configurations as well as vertical designs to save floor space
  • Special seal assemblies to handle everything from industrial to aseptic processing applications
  • Dasher types for each different product’s processing characteristics
  • Scraper blades in a variety of materials including high temperature plastics or stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant cylinders in several metallic compositions
  • Full-flow door designs for viscous and particulate products
  • An integral refrigeration system for cooling applications
  • A choice of variable speed or fixed speed drives in a wide range of horsepowers
  • Down-sized models for laboratory pilot plant or small runs


  • Able to heat and cool fluids with particulates up to 32mm
  • Able to heat and cool high viscosity fluids
  • Easy to open for inspection

Plate Evaporators

During the plate evaporation process, liquid is pumped between thin plates with the heating medium on the mating surfaces. The product is then evaporated with the vapor generated forming a high velocity core. This expansion in volume causes a high-velocity, thin film on the heat exchange surface providing efficient heat transfer.

Plate evaporators should be considered for applications that have:

  • Capacities up to 27,000 kg/h water removal
  • A need for future expansion
  • Limited head space
  • A particle size smaller than 600 Micron.

Product Range

Rising/falling film plate evaporators
The original plate type evaporator, the Rising/Falling Plate system is a flexible, multi-duty unit engineered to handle medium size production runs of heat sensitive products. Most are used by fruit juice and other food processors where low residence time and 104°F to 203°F ( 40°C to 95°C) operating range temperatures are essential for the production of quality concentrate. In increasing numbers, many are being used in pharmaceutical and chemical plants for antibiotics and inorganic acids. To permit relatively high concentration ratios to be carried out in a non-recirculatory, single pass flow, these evaporators may be designed as multi-effect and/or multi-stage systems. Water removal capacities range from 500 to 15,000 kg/hour. For much smaller production or pilot plant runs ranging from 50 to 700 kg/hour a "Junior" plate evaporator is offered. This packaged system can be provided as a single effect unit requiring only 3.5 m² of floor space or with multiple effects for larger operations.

Falling film plate evaporator 
Combining all the advantages of the original Rising/Falling Film Plate Evaporator with the added benefits of even shorter product residence time and larger capacities, the APV Falling Film Plate Evaporator is widely used by many processors. With its larger vapor ports, evaporation capacities typically are up to 20 to 27,000 kg/hour of water removal. Furthermore, residence time is about 25% shorter, providing even greater assurance of protection against thermal degradation.

The APV Paravap is specially designed to process high solids concentrates or those having non-Newtonian viscosity characteristics. Operating advantages include low rates of fouling and minimal product residence time to protect against thermal degradation. Unlike wiped film evaporators, this unit has no moving parts, reducing both capital and operating costs. Under normal operation, feed liquor and the heating medium are directed to alternate passages formed by the positioning of heat transfer plates within the evaporator. As the feed contacts plates heated by steam or hot water, boiling occurs. Small plate gaps and corrugated plate patterns create high vapor velocities and turbulence which result in a very high rate of heat transfer. The liquor is vaporized, and the concentrated product and vapor are discharged to the separator.

For products which tend to crystallize during concentration or those that contain a high percentage of suspended solids, SPX offers the APV Paraflash. This compact unit combines a plate heat exchanger, an external separator, and a vacuum system. It is designed to operate as a forced circulation, suppressed boiling evaporator. By using liquid static head above the heat exchanger or a special orifice piece in the discharge line, vaporization is arrested until the product liquor flashes into the separator. Any crystallization then occurs and a suspended slurry results. High liquid velocity flow combined with induced turbulence deters scaling on heat transfer surfaces, and promotes longer production runs.


  • Improved product quality. The short heat contact period resulting from single pass operation and low liquid holdup eliminates product deterioration even when highly heat sensitive liquids are involved. The resulting concentrate is of the highest quality possible.
  • Higher product concentration. The variety of plate evaporators available from SPX allows custom concentrates to be produced. Ninety seven percent total solids or better are possible depending on feed material characteristics.
  • Low liquid holdup. Very little product is actually in the plate evaporator at any time. This permits rapid start-up and shutdown with minimal waste. Small quantities of product may be processed economically.
  • Easily cleaned. All stainless steel surfaces within the plate packs are fully accessible for easy cleaning. Normal CIP is done with low consumption of cleaning chemicals due to the low liquid holdup.
  • Flexible capacity. By simply adding or removing plate units, varying evaporation rates may be achieved. Large expansions are possible with additional frames and plate units.
  • Low installation costs. Due to the compact size and low weight, no cranes or special foundations are required for installation. Typically, an existing building on site is suitable and installation time is minimal.
APV Direct Steam unit

Direct Steam Heating

The APV direct steam heating process offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of sterilization of a wide range of products such as milk, cream, custards, ice cream mix, baby food, milk concentrates and similar products.

Direct steam heating can be applied in two ways:

Each has its own specific applications, depending on product properties and quality requirements. 

If you don’t want to spend your time on engineering valves, pumps and plate heat exchangers, then choose a compact district heating unit. Purchase one unit instead of 15 – 20 components. Installation takes one day, with easy startups. Just plug and heat.

Since the 1970s, SPX has designed, developed, produced and maintained district heating units. If it is one or one thousand heating systems, SPX is your supplier regardless of kilowatt size or technical solution. Trust SPX’s experience for your district heating needs.



  • Flexible in size, performance, and choice of components
  • Tailored according to your requirements
  • 9 standard types
  • Comprehensive in choice of heat exchanger (all-welded, brazed, plate & frame)

Industries that use District Heating:

  • HVAC

Heat Exchangers

The History:

The first commercially successful plate-and-frame heat exchanger in the world was introduced in 1923 by Dr. Richard Seligman, the founder of the Aluminum Plant and Vessel Company Ltd., commonly known today as APV. The very first Paraflow Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger was constructed of cast gunmetal plates and enclosed within a frame that set the standard for today’s computer-designed thin metal plate heat exchanger known around the world.

Heat Exchangers Functions

Heat Exchanger Function:

A plate heat exchanger is a unit which transfers heat continuously from one media to another media without adding energy to the process. The basic concept of a plate and frame heat exchanger is two liquids flowing on either side of a thin corrugated metal plate so heat may be easily transferred between the two. The plate heat exchanger efficiency requires less floor space compared to other types of heat transfer equipment and is lighter in weight.

APV Quad-Drive Series 2

SPX has the only patented PLC controlled, R5 Quad-Drive plate heat exchanger with four tie bars for precise closure. Taking up to 1,000 plates, the newest addition in a long line of PHE innovations from SPX makes it easier than ever to install, control and maintain your PHE for optimal process performance.

Easy to maintain:

  • Accessible plate pack
  • External oil-level gauge
  • Simple drive-chain adjustment
  • Sloped surfaces to eliminate pooling
  • Easy one-man operation (open and close)

Easy to save:

  • Reduces maintenance time and cost
  • Optimizes gasket and plate life

Easy to control:

  • Easy plate pack modifications and plate pitch adjustments
  • Run-time display
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface

Easy to install:

  • Self contained closing system
  • Fixed overall length
  • Flexible design
  • Requires only one simple electrical connection

APV Homogenizers – Continuing a tradition of excellence

The APV Homogenizer is continuing in the tradition of excellence established by the renowned APV brands, Rannie and Gaulin. With a long history of application expertise and product innovation, SPX delivers the latest homogenizer technologies for the food, dairy, cosmetic, chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications.

SPX provides a vast range of equipment and services from a single source. Exceptional design, precision engineering, and quality manufacturing are all key components targeted at improving your process profitability.

No matter what industry you’re in, APV Rannie and APV Gaulin homogenizers can provide the right high-efficiency APV homogenizer to meet your requirements. With over a century of experience, SPX has the products and expertise to deliver the ideal configuration and installation. Whether you need models for laboratory, pilot plant, production scale or biotech applications, we bring extensive knowledge and dedication to satisfy your needs.


APV Pumps

When it comes to know-how, experience and product range within the field of hygienic pumps, you won’t find a better business partner than SPX. Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale have enabled us to offer you a complete range of hygienic pumps to match any processing requirements within fields as diverse as dairy technology, brewery and beverage, and pharmaceutical and chemical.

Effective, reliable and quiet-running pumps in your processing plant cut production costs, enhance the working environment, reduce the number of production interruptions and ensure an improved end-product.

Centrifugal Pumps
APV Puma+ Pump

High Efficiency Centrifugal Pumps


Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive Displacement Pumps

Selfpriming Pumps
APV Ws+ Pump

Ws+ Self Priming Pumps


APV DELTA MS Valve with CU4 Controler

SPX is a leading innovator of solutions with decades of experience in valve design and manufacture, covering premium brands such as APV and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell. Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale, has enabled SPX to offer a complete range of hygienic valves in the brewery, dairy, food, beverage, chemical, health care and pharmaceutical industries.

Valves are essential parts of every processing plant. The APV DELTA valve range has been developed for the process industries, and tailored to the continually increasing requirements for:

  • Problem free product flow
  • Through flow control
  • Safe separation of fluids
  • Perfect cleaning


Top priorities for the quality assurance of your products.

The APV DELTA valve range is extensive and variable. It stretches from butterfly valves to double seat valves. Furthermore, all the specialised process valves are part of the delivery programme, such as: safety valves, vacuum valves, sampling, relief and modulating valves etc.

Mixproof valves

DA3+ valve

The APV DELTA mixproof valves from SPX are waterhammer safe, stop and change-over valves that ensures safe separation of incompatible media via two valve seats.
Depending on your application different mixproof valves are available – standard mixproof valves, double-seat ball valves or mixproof valves especially designed for CIP-applications.

For further information, please view the datasheets here.

Process valves


Process valves from SPX are all special valves developed for various applications. Protection against over-pressure, vacuum or ensuring that the media does not run backwards, are some of them.

For further information, please see datasheets here

Regulating Valves

RG4 valve

When an application requires a valve that is neither open nor closed, but can be set to any position in between, the regulation valves from APV should be used for flow and pressure control. The valves come in two versions – for fixed KVs values and for flexible values.

For further information, please see datasheet here.

DELTA SV and SVS Butterfly Valves

SV-SVS valve

The APV DELTA butterfly valves from SPX are stop valves, which can be actuated either manually or pneumatically. The valves are very robust and reliable and the space saving design makes them ideal for nearly all applications – a flexible valve which is very easy to install and to service.

For further information, please see datasheet here.


APV SW4 Single seat valve

The single-seat valves from SPX are highly versatile stop and change-over valves which are very fast and easy to service. A metallic stop minimises stress and load on seat seals, which in the long run minimises downtime. Furthermore, the valves are equipped with a fully welded, maintenance free actuator.

For further information, please see datasheet here

DELTA AP1 Aseptic Valve

APV DELTA AP1 aseptic valve

The DELTA AP1 valve is an aseptic diaphragm valve, which comes in two versions – the Techno and the Econo. Each is available in a hand-operated and a pneumatic actuated version.
The valves are equipped with a unique diaphragm fan support to significantly extend diaphragm lifetime.

For further information, please see data sheet here.

Control Units

DELTA CU4 AS-Interface

Control units for valves provides an interface between the PLC control system and the pneumatic process valve in a pipe work. APV DELTA CU control units are available in conventional wired configurations as well as in network systems based on either AS-interface, DeviceNet or Profibus fieldbuses. APV DELTA CU control units are very robust, easy to maintain, and designed to operate in tough environments. Signal data are easily visible on an exterior LED.

The APV DELTA CU line is mainly used in the brewery, dairy, beverage, processed food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Today, we have two platforms available for control units: APV DELTA CU3 and APV DELTA CU4.

The DELTA CU family now consists of:

  • DELTA CU4 Direct Connect: A conventional version (direct wired)
  • DELTA CU4 AS-interface: A simple non-intelligent AS-interface version
  • DELTA CU3 Valve-Net Profibus: A flexible intelligent version, based on profibus DP
  • DELTA CU3 Valve-Net DeviceNet: A flexible intelligent version, based on DeviceNet

DELTA Valve Manifolds

APV Valve batteri

APV DELTA Valve Manifolds are vital modules in automated food processing systems. They allow multi functional and safe operation of the various process units with CIP / SIP between individual food batches.

APV DELTA Valve Manifolds include appropriate Mixproof Valves, control equipment, frame and auxiliary parts to meet all customer needs regarding process function, flexibility and hygienic conditions.

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