RXT Wireless Configuration Tool is Lightweight & Powerful


RXT Wireless Configuration Tool is Lightweight & Powerful with Custom Design

THE WOODLANDS, TX – The RXT Wireless Configuration Tool is a custom tablet-style device designed to configure Detcon’s RXT-300 and RXT-320 SmartWireless® transceivers. In turn, these transceivers make wireless communication possible between controllers, sensors, and alarm stations in any gas detection system. Lightweight yet powerful, the configuration tool is used to synchronize and change wireless channels on any RXT transceiver and to configure RXT-300 wireless networks. The custom tablet has a 10.1″ touch panel widescreen LCD for display and user input. The configuration tool interfaces with a USB wireless radio equivalent to that installed in the RXT transceivers for easy communication and accurate configuration. The device is powered by 100-240VAC with supplied AC adaptor or can operate off an internal rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Other SmartWireless products include a low-power Model DM-100 gas detection sensor assembly (compact version available), XP-rated solar panels, HMI panel (compact version available), Smart Battery packs and wireless alarms stations. For more information visit www.detcon.com or contact sales@detcon.com

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