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For more than 8 decades KULI Lifting Equipment has been manufactured in Remscheid, an industrial town in the Rhein – Ruhr area.
High technical performance is assured by both, the technical know-how of our staff and the approved design.
From the production of the motors to the after sales service, everything is coming from our own source.
Strict manufacturing controls guarantee quality, reliability and safety.
Worldwide business connections to more than 90 countries reflect image and success. KULI Lifting Equipment contributes to the requests and neeeds of the customers


Range of capacity 1t – 200t
The KULI RS series electric wire rope hoists represent more than eighty years of experience in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, and combine modern design and engineering technology to produce a range of hoists which comply with DIN, FEM and ISO standards, German rules for the prevention of accidents and most international rules and standards.Compact design and modular construction are a unique feature of the KULI RS series electric wire rope hoists. This modular construction enables various combinations of hoists to be easily constructed, to give a range of foot mounted, fixed suspension, standard and close headroom monorail hoists and double girder crab units. Electric motors, brakes and all gearing are specifically designed for hoisting duty and are manufactured in our works under our control, and are subjected to strict quality tests for safety and reliability.
Foot Mounted F

Foot Mounted F
The foot mounted KULI electric wire rope hoist is of modular design, which allows it to be universal in its application where loads have to be lifted or moved. The hoist can be turned around its longitudinal axis into any required rope pay-off position.
Standard Headroom Monorail Trolleys EE

Standard Headroom Monorail Trolleys EE
The standard headroom design for use on single girder cranes and monorail systems. On units of over 10 tons capacity eight wheel trolleys are used to minimise wheel loads and the thickness of the running flange.
Low Headroom Monorail Trolleys KE

Low Headroom Monorail Trolleys KE
The favourable dimensions of the low headroom design allow maximum utilisation of available building space.
Double Girder Crabs ZE

Double Girder Crabs ZE
The double girder crab unit offers low headroom dimensions, combined with service-free design.
Cantilevered Carriages WE

Cantilevered Carriages WE
For selected capacity to span ratios a more favourable headroom dimension can be achieved with cantilevered carriage compared with conventional single and double girder cranes.
We supply complete component kits for fabrication of economical cranes:Standardized end carriages, underslung trolleys, wheel assemblies, drive units with squirrel cage or slipring motors, electric hoists up to 200t lifting capacity, conductor systems, contactor control panels, radio control, variable frequency speed control equipment, etc.KULI crane components represent many years of practical experience coupled with constant design development. Customers can benefit from our wide experience as crane manufacturers and our close cooperation with crane builders worldwide.
KULI standardized end carriages type NKS

KULI standardized end carriages type NKS
For hoist trolleys and normal duty standard cranes. Shaft mounted drives with disc brake motors. Double flange wheels and maintenance-free gears.
KULI standardized end carriages type NK

KULI standardized end carriages type NK

with wheel assemblies type KIdeal for cranes with higher wheel loads, heavy duty rating and larger spans. Removeable wheel assemblies type K with plain wheels are produced in SG cast iron. Lateral guide rollers on adjustable eccentric bushings provide smooth anti-‘crabbing’ characteristics.
KULI wheel assemblies type K

KULI wheel assemblies type K
lend themselves readily to incorporation into special rail mounted equipment, e.g.:concrete spreading machines, traversing platforms, stacker cranes, transfer cars, welding machines, automatic manufacturing lines, machinery for the concrete industry, foundries and stone industry.
Parallel shaft drive type FG

Parallel shaft drive type FG 

with wheel bogie type KIdeal for hoist trolleys and cranes with larger capacities. FEM classification 3 m. Drives either frequency controlled or polechanging with soft start flywheel. Shafthub- connection by toothed shaft with involute flanks. The wheel bogies Type K have flangeless running wheels made from spheroidal cast iron, are prepared for bolting to mounting plate. Lateral guide rollers adjustable via eccentric bushings. Enhanced travel performance and low value side forces.
Angle drive type WG
Angle drive type WG 
with wheel bogie type KRobust spur bevel geared motors portal cranes and bridge cranes larger capacity. Variable frequency inverter controlled motors for acceleration and deceleration. Shaft-hub-connection by toothed shaft with involute flanks.
KULI bogie-style end carriages

KULI bogie-style end carriages

for heavy bridge or gantry cranesEven distribution of wheel loads results in lower crane loading. Either two or four type FSC drives can be used.
KULI underslung trolleys type HF

KULI underslung trolleys type HF

Universal design for underslung cranes and hoist trolleys
KULI double wheel trolleys type HF 220
KULI double wheel trolleys type HF 220

for high wheel loads and low flange loading. Trolleys are designed to run on the bottom flange of rolled steel beams and box girders.
KULI Overhead cranes
KULI Standard cranes solve transport problems. 
They are manufactured from standardized components all of which are produced in series. This allows a standard crane to be designed to suit individual requirements as to span, headroom, duty and service conditions.
We supply single girder- double girder-suspension- and gantry type cranes ranging from 1t to 200t capacity.
KULI Single girder cranes
Single girder cranes

KULI Single girder cranes

Most favourable dimensions in design and headroom allow reducing cost of erecting building construction and of its maintanance.
KULI Double girder cranes
Double girder cranes

KULI Double girder cranes

The use of standardized travel drives and hoists allow constructions to adapt the cranes to space available and to kind of operation at moderate cost.
KULI Underslung cranes
KULI Underslung crane
The use of standardized travel drives and hoists allow constructions to adapt the cranes to space available and to kind of operation at moderate cost.
KULI Underslung crane

  • Variable frequency speed controlled drives
  • Radio control
  • Magnets
  • Weighing systems
KULI Gantry cranes
KULI Gantry crane
KULI Gantry crane
KULI Gantry cranes are manufactured in different executions with suspended monorail hoist, with cantilevered trolley hoist or with double girder crab hoist. One ore several hoists can be applied, also for container handling.
Gantry cranes with two supports only permit easy turning of long loads at the short cantilever.
KULI Electric chain hoists
KULI Electric chain hoist High quality

  • very low headroom for use in low rooms
  • gear wheel and pinion are made from high-quality steel of extreme surface hardness

Silent run by

  • helical gear wheels with anti-friction bearings
  • precision sprocket wheel
  • exact chain guide

High quality safety chain

  • high tensile round steel chain, galvanised, quality group 8
Universal delivery programme

  • Lifting capacity 125 – 5000 kg
  • For use in industry, agriculture, craft and all fields where loads are transported
  • One or two lifting speeds
  • Stationary version with suspension eye or hook suspension
  • Travel by manual or electric gear
KULI Electric chain hoist
Electrical equipment

  • direct control or optional 24 V-contactor control
  • reliable protective system IP 54 (IP 55 on request)
  • high duty cycle (up to 60%)
  • insulation class F
  • 230/400 V three-phase current or special voltages of 415 V, 440 V, 500 V
  • contactors and switchboards with high quality contacts

High safety

  • all electric chain hoists are in accordance with EC Machinery directive
  • patented safety clutch-brake system
  • lifting height and overload limitation by safety clutch, electric limit switches also available
  • asbestos-free clutch lining
  • each KULI chain hoist is tested on the manufacturer’s test bench with overload (certificate)
KULI-All purpose platforms45 years of experience and most modern technical know-how result in the approved design of electro-hydraulic KULI All Purpose Platforms. They allow safe overhead access in workshops or outside installations, even in areas of difficult reach. They conform with all safety requirements as per German UVV-Cranes BGV D6 §10 specifying the use of stable and safe working platforms. The high stability matches the requirement as per EN 280 allowing safe working up to wind forces gale 6. Based on these high safety requirements, the platforms offer universal application for all assembling, maintenance, repair, and cleaning work. The honed and ground telescopic mast has an anti-pivoting device in form of key and keyway inside the tubes. The retracted tube sections are entirely surrounded by hydraulic fluid so protected against corrosion. Additionally a long lifetime is given by hardchrome-plating of the tubes as a standard feature. All control elements inclusive the manually operated emergency lowering valve are integrated into the hydraulic monobloc. The application of that platforms saves on scaffolding costs or breakdown times.To date more than 14.000 KULI-All Purpose Platforms are in use all over the world, a clear evidence of their reliability, safety, economical viability and advanced engineering.Additionally to the types KA and KF we offer further platforms on request.
KULI-All purpose platform type KA
All purpose platforms type KA 6 – KA 14
castor rangeFavourable overall dimensions allow easy manoevering through narrow doors and twisty passages. Compact design and close wall approach permit universal usage. Easy one-person operation, a few moves next to no time make the platform ready for instant use: simply setting of stabilisers, pulling up the hand railing and connecting to current supply.Capacity 300kg = 2 persons + material
KULI-All purpose platform type KF

All purpose platforms type KF 6 – KF 14

trailer mounted range, model “Vario”For easy transportation over long distances, with hitch for cars or pick-ups. If required, the trailer can be detached, the compact platform can be used in narrow spaces too.Capacity 300kg = 2 persons + material


Whether for repairs or maintenance. for erection or storing into shelves – the KULI Lift always on appropriate height!

KULI LIFT - technical data
KB 5
Lifting capacity kg
Platform height m
Working height m
Travel speeds km/h
Size of basket mm
Battery Volt
Dead weight kg

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