Dakota Instrument Vietnam_ANS Vietnam

About the Company

Since its inception in 1992, Dakota® has been dedicated to providing outstanding value to our customers. Our products represent the highest quality laboratory and process instrumentation for all applications and budgets enabling our customers to achieve their objectives quickly, easily and efficiently.

Dakota® makes available support staff to provide prompt and courteous assistance to our customers with both typical and special requirements. We put new ideas to work, finding innovative products and services that best suit our customers needs.

Our mission is to deliver top-quality dependable products and services which consistently conform to or exceed customer requirements. That is why we have established long-standing relationships with leading companies worldwide who offer value-added quality products and services. Our team of professional service experts, engineers and application specialists are ready to assist you with finding cost-effective solutions that help streamline processes, raise productivity and improve efficiency. Our search for innovative cutting edge technology is ongoing and we will continue to strive for improvements to reach our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

…Let us provide solutions that fit your business needs.


Variable Area type flow meters with glass flow tubes and metal frame. These meters are available in a variety of configurations such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass and PTFE
Low Flow - Glass Tube
Low Flow – Glass Tube
Low Flow - Acrylic
Low Flow – Acrylic
High Flow - Acrylic
High Flow – Acrylic
Medium Range - PTFE
Medium Range – PTFE


We have a variety of valves and valve related accessories. Please check with Dakota Instruments for other optional variations thay may not be listed online.

Stepping Motor
Stepping Motor


Signal Conditioner
Signal Conditioner

Dakota Instrument Asia Vietnam_ANS Vietnam Germany, USA, Asia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq

Hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi để có được giá tốt nhất:

Công Ty TNHH TMDV Anh Nghi Sơn

địa chỉ | D3, Đinh Tiên Hoàng, KDC Miếu Nổi, Phường 3, Quận Bình Thạnh, TPHCM

| mã số thuế | 0310692382

| điện thoại | + 84 . 8 . 3517 0401/02 | fax | +84 . 8 . 3517 0403

email | sales.ans@ansvietnam.com ans.vina@ansvietnam.com

| website | http://www.ansvietnam.com     http://www.anhnghison.com

liên hệ trực tuyến | Skype | Yahoo


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