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International Medcom, Inc., was founded in 1986 to develop and produce high quality radiation detection instruments and systems. Medcom serves individuals, institutions and communities concerned with health and safety, environmental protection, and education. Medcom instruments are widely used throughout the world, and meet stringent European standards for safety, quality and accuracy.

International Medcom has been selected to provide community monitoring systems for the community surrounding Three Mile Island, and the community surrounding the Seabrook nuclear power station. The TMI monitoring system was developed in cooperation with a blue ribbon scientific panel chaired by Dr. Karl Morgan, known as the Father of Modern Health Physics. The system was mandated by a Federal Court order, and is operated by an independent nonprofit grass roots organization, Three Mile Island Citizens’ Monitoring Network (TMI-CMN), in partnership with the City of Harrisburg. The Seabrook monitoring project is operated by C-10 Radiological Monitoring Network, also a grass roots nonprofit organization, and funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Legislature.

Technical achievements of the Medcom team include a highly stable and sensitive portable gamma spectroscopy meter designed to detect smuggled Uranium 235 at borders in Khazakstan and Belarus. This project was developed under the Mutual Threat Reduction Treaty, mandated by Nunn-Lugar.


International Medcom sells to distributors, dealers, and some end users. Please be aware that due to limited availability, there may be a waiting list for some products.

For individual sales, please check our product pages.

Handheld Geiger Counters

General purpose Geiger counters designed for diverse applications including medical, scientific, industrial, safety, environmental, hobbyist and educational purposes

Surface Contamination Meters

Designed specifically for laboratory, medical, and regulatory compliance applications that require higher sensitivity to α, β, and low-energy γ radiation

Monitoring Systems and Probes

Designed for continuous monitoring of ambient radiation levels and for collection of meteorological and other data

Radalert® 100

  • α, β, γ and χ
  • LCD with 3-second update
  • LED, beeper and I/O ports
  • Total and Timer Functions
  • User-adjustable Alert Function


  • α, β, γ and χ
  • LCD with 3-second update
  • LED, beeper, and I/O ports
  • Total & Timer Functions
Inspector Alert

  • α, β, γ and χ
  • LCD with 3-second update
  • LED, beeper alert and I/O ports
  • Total and Timer Functions
  • 2-inch “pancake-style” Geiger tube provides greater sensitivity and faster response time
Iospectra® 1320-AO Probe

  • β, γ and χ + energy-compensated γ
  • can be configured to detect α as well
  • designed for continuous outdoor monitoring in harsh environments
  • operates with data logger, Iospectra®Hawk, or computer and Iospectra®software

Iospectra® Hawk

  • a monitoring and alarm system that provides power & display for the 1320-AO probe
  • provides siren, flashing light, alarm functions, and relay output for HVAC or security system trigger

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