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Our company was found under the name of FANAL Sensors GmbH on October 1st, 2005 by Mr. Hartmut Linde, graduated engineer. Mr. Hartmut Linde is established in the pressure-switch business since a long time, he formerly worked for FANAL Electric, Wuppertal in the position of the product manager, being responsible for the full range of the FANAL pressure switches, especially the FF4 series and for other FANAL products. The company’s name has been changed fromFANAL Sensors GmbH to TIVAL Sensors GmbH effective March 2006. Our product range covers devices from the areas pressure (mechanical and electronic devices), leveltemperature.
 Softstarter for three-phase motors are also part of our array of products. We supply devices for various applications with special approvals such as ATEX, GL and VdS.
The range of devices for flow capturing is beeing established. In the future we will carry on extending our product range to offer an enlarged spectrum of products and services to our customers.

Our declared business targets are competence in services, high quality, short time delivery performance and fair commercial partnership with our customers and suppliers.


Pressure switches

Pressure sensors

 Presure switches  Pressure sensors  Level
 Temperature  Drive technology  Fluid- flow

 Temperature  Drive technology  Fluid- flow measurement

Digital displays and accessories

Digital displays and accessories
 Control pressure switches
 Pressure switch series FF 4  Pressure switch series FF 142 Pressure switch series PS1  tl_files/Bilder/PS3klein.jpg
Pressure switch FF 4

Pressure switch FF 142

Pressure switch PS1
(replacement for FF115)

Pressure switch PS 3




Control pressure switches for special applications

(vacuum / mbar pressure ranges / flush mounted membrane / pneumatics)

 Pressure switch series FF 501  Pressure switch series FF 603  Pressure switch series FF 701  Pressure switch series FF 902
 Pressure switch FF 501  Pressure switch FF 603  Pressure switch FF 701 Pressure switch FF 902
>10 to 1000 mbar
 2- and 3-pole pressure switches
 Pressure switch series PM /PT  Electronic pump control EPS-MT (KSK)    
 >Pressure switch PM / PT
>Electronic pump control EPS-MT (KSK)
 Pressure transmitter
 Pressure transmitter series TST 10.0 / 20.0  Pressure transmitter series TST- ST  Pressure transmitter series TST- SMX 2  Pressure transmitter series TST- SiAL
Pressure transmitter series
TST 10.0 / 20.0
 Pressure transmitter series
 Pressure transmitter series
Pressure transmitter series
>for high pressure  >2000 bar >for intrinsically safe
circuits (ATEX approved)
 >silicium membrane
for low pressure

Pressure transmitter

 tl_files/Bilder/TST_SPT_F.jpg.jpg  tl_files/Bilder/TST_K121jpg.jpg  tl_files/Bilder/TST_LCD.jpg  
Pressure transmitter series
 Pressure transmitter series
TST- K121
 Plug in display TST-LCD  
>with flush mounted diaphragm >with ceramic measuring cell  >plug- in display for pressure
Electronic pressure switches 
 Electronic pressure switches series TST-EDA  Electronic pressure switches series TST-EDA  Electronic pressure switches series TST- PSD 30  
 Electronic pressure switches
series TST-EDA
 Electronic pressure switches
series TST- ED
 Electronic pressure switches
series TST- PSD 30
>with display and
2 switching outputs
 Differential pressure transmitter
  Differential pressure transmitter Series TST-DD  Differential pressure transmitter Series TST-DD  Differential pressure transmitter Series TST- DDM  
Differential pressure transmitter Series TST-DD  Differential pressure transmitter
Series TST- DDM
 >for water oil and other liquids  
      font size=”1″>
Level control
Immrsion Electrode EL- V Level controller TS- 003W Level controller TS- NW2  Float switch series OPT Level probe TST- HD135(K)Level probe TST- HD133  tl_files/Bilder/TS_NIA_MPS.jpg
 Level controller Float switch Level Probe Level control and float switch
>Series TS- NW2
>Series TS-003W
Immersion electrode EL- V
Immersion electrode EL 1 
>Level controller TS- NIA

>Float switch TS- MPS
Level control
Joint lever transmitter TS- KNG high temperature type  Joint lever transmitter TS- KNG  Floater switch LS 303/803  Vibrating level switch TS- SG51
Joint lever transmitter  Floater switch  Vibrating level switch
 >Series TS- KNG  >Series LS 303 / 803  >Series TS- SG 51
 Temperature, resistance thermometers and thermocouple elements
 tl_files/Bilder/EWTJ_K.jpg Resistance thermometer series BR tl_files/Bilder/exlogo.gif  tl_files/Bilder/EWTS_K.jpgtl_files/Bilder/exlogo.gif cable equipped resistance thermometer series KWTcable equipped resistance thermometer series KWT
 Resistance thermometer
Resistance thermometer
in Ex- design
Compact design
resistance thermometer
cable equipped
resistance thermometer
 >Series EWT >Series BR >Series EWTS >Series KWT
FANAL Softstarter
 FANAL Softstarter series ESA 3000-D  FANAL Softstarter series ESA 3000-DS  FANAL Softstarter series ESA 3000-A  FANAL Softstarter series ESA 1000-B
>FANAL ESA 3000- DS  >FANAL ESA 3000- A  >FANAL ESA 1000- B
Fluid- flow measurement  Temperature transmitter   Injection brake
 Flow rate sensor series TS- FMfont>  Flow rate sensor TS- FK 12  Temperature transmitter series TS- TT  Injection brake series EMB 4000
Flow rate sensor with spring- mounted shutter
Flow rate sensor,

 Temperature transmitter >Series EMB- 4000
>Series TS- FK12  >Series TS- TT

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